4 Tell-Tale Signs that Something is Wrong with Your Transmission

Posted: December 20, 2019

It’s Christmas time and you are headed to the countryside to visit your family. What an exciting time of year! The roads are clear of snow and ice for once and you make your way peacefully down them when suddenly the calm is destroyed as your car halts to a stop. What happened? You didn’t press the brakes and just got new winter tires plus you ensured the gas was full before you left your house. Something is seriously wrong!

You call for a tow truck and when they arrive, you find out your vehicle’s transmission is shot. You will have to get this fixed and get the tow truck driver to take you and your vehicle to where you want to be.

Before you get into a situation like this, here are some warning signs of a bad transmission.

1. Neutral Noise

The last time you went through the car wash with your car in neutral, did you notice an odd noise coming from your vehicle? You probably thought it was nothing to worry about, thinking you ran over a piece of garbage on the ground. Now you know this was actually a sign of your transmission going bad. The bumping sound you heard meant you should have had your car checked out right away. If you ever hear this noise again while your car is in neutral, get it to the shop.

2. Delayed Response

When you go to switch gears, your vehicle should react instantaneously but if there is trouble with your transmission, your vehicle will have a delayed response. You will want to head to a mechanic to see what exactly is wrong with your transmission in order to get it fixed to prevent further damage.

3. Leaking Fluid of an Odd Colour

You park your car and notice a leak on the ground the next day. Another thing you notice is the leak is a green or non-translucent colour. These are both signs of a transmission fluid leak. Your transmission fluid should always be a translucent red or pink. The leak can be coming from your torque converter seal, fluid lines or pan gasket which will need to be mended. If you don’t fix this issue then your vehicle’s engine could end up destroyed due to little or no transmission fluid while driving.

4. Engine Light On

If your engine light comes on in your dashboard, this is a sign that something is wrong with your vehicle and it could be that your transmission has anywhere from a slight to a large problem. This warning sign is telling you to get your vehicle fixed. If you choose to ignore the sign then you could be getting your vehicle into a larger problem by adding pressure to a part that is already damaged. Waiting too long for repairs could land you with a massive bill when you finally get the problem fixed. The longer you wait to fix an issue with your vehicle, the more expensive the problem becomes.

Transmission fluid is an integral part of your vehicle since it regulates heat from inside your engine parts and activates the ability for changing gears. Keep an eye out for signs of your transmission going bad so you know when to get your vehicle in for fixing before you need a costly new transmission.