4 Ways to Avoid Damage to Your Vehicle During a Tow

Posted: October 11, 2019

Now What? You put your trust in a tow truck company only to be left with broken windows and water damaged seats. You may now have to deal through the courts to rectify this situation but this might leave you with small claims costs and no results. Avoid an occurrence like this one by hiring a reliable Calgary tow truck company.

Though your tow truck company should be professional and secure enough to avoid damaging your vehicle, problems can arise. Here is how you can prevent a tow truck company from causing damage to your vehicle.

1. Choose A Reliable Tow Truck Company

When you start searching for towing companies, look for one that has been in business for a while and is well-known. You are more likely to get a reputable towing company that knows what they are doing if they have been around for years. Look at customer reviews to see what others say about their towing experience and what was done if something negative happened. Ensure the company you are calling can provide all the services you need.

2. Gear - Neutral

Your vehicle will likely rock back and forth when on the bed of a tow truck so to avoid lots of impact to the drive train by making sure your vehicle is in neutral. The wheels will roll freely and not seize up as they could in the park. Your tow truck company operator will be happy to see this has been done.

3. Roll Up Your Windows

Are you wanting to spend lots of money to try and get your car back to a clean state once it has been filled with dirt and water, possibly causing irreversible damage? Of course not! To avoid this negative situation, make sure you roll your windows all the way up when getting your vehicle towed. Outside elements can remain outside so you can have peace of mind that your car will arrive at its destination in the condition you left it in.

And…in case something bad occurs to your vehicle being towed,

4. Take Photos

Use your phone or camera to take clear photos of your vehicle before it gets serviced by the tow truck company. Why? If anything is altered on your vehicle during the ride, you will have evidence to support that the tow truck company ruined your vehicle. This might help you should you need to take legal action to recover costs for any damages.

A tow truck company is needed in dire situations when you just can’t move your vehicle. When you call for assistance, be sure to take the appropriate steps to avoid any further mishaps along the way.