5 Exciting Facts about the Tow Truck Industry

Posted: February 24, 2020

Tic, tac, Tow!

Here are some exciting facts about the tow truck industry:

1. Museum of Tow Trucks

There is a museum of tow trucks so if you really like the world of towing then you are in luck! The International Towing & Recovery Museum will allow you to wander through the halls to experience tow truck history and you can even visit the gift shop for some fun memorabilia.

Where is this tow truck museum? Chattanooga, Tennessee so head there today for your chance to visit this tow extravaganza!

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2. Drop Charge

Oh No! You rush outside as fast as you can to avoid getting your car towed away to the impound lot. If your car is already hooked up, then you are probably out of luck but there is one opportunity to allow you to free that car and avoid a whole bunch of charges. If you beat the driver to the hookup, then you might be able to negotiate a drop charge.

What is a drop charge? You can pay the driver 50% of the fee it will cost you to have your vehicle towed and if he/she agrees then you might end up driving your car home instead of getting a ride to pick it up at the impound lot where there will be more fees!

3. Original Tow Truck Design Still in Use

The inventor of the tow truck, Ernest Holmes built a tow truck that is still in use today, the hook and chain design. What are the hook and chain design? A method that uses a wrapped chain to tow your vehicle away. This type of tow is now typically used when you have a junk car that is on its way to the junkyard or need cargo transported. Holmes’ invention was definitely impressive enough to last into today’s world, wow!

4. Competitive Industry

Tow truck drivers compete against each other every day. This industry is extremely competitive as there are lots of businesses offering the same services. You need to make your company stand out but how? Try something like what Setup Towing does by adding a scrap car removal service to your list of actions. Your customers will be happy to know you offer more than just a simple tow.

5. Tricks

You should be careful to not fall into a trap set up by a tow truck. business How can a tow truck driver trick you? Some drivers might leave a few vehicles in a no parking zone for some time rather than towing them away all at once. Why? This may make you think that the area is ok to park in even when this is not true. Don’t get caught in the trap set by some tow truck companies to make you think the zone is tow free. It’s never a good idea to play follow the leader when it comes to parking restrictions.

Always read the signs on the roadways to avoid getting your vehicle towed away.

The tow truck business is very interesting indeed. It can help you out when your vehicle is stranded but don’t get caught up with an unnecessary tow.