How Scrap Car Removal Positively Affects Your Lifestyle

Posted: July 10, 2019

Do you have a vehicle sitting around collecting dust? If you never drive it, you may as well get rid of it. Perhaps your vehicle can’t be sold due to its age or mechanical issues. Scrap car removal is a service offered to you for removal of your old car/truck and it may even be worth some money. What’s that? Yes, you can get paid for using this service to get rid of your old vehicle.

So, who do you call? Setup Towing is more than a towing company, they offer a scrap car removal feature to take your old junker off your hands.

Why would you want to take advantage of scrap car removal service?

Environmentally Beneficial and Safe

Do you want to help protect the environment for you and your loved ones? Professional scrap car removal technicians will come to remove your old vehicle from the property while getting rid of any negative toxins safely. All forms of motorized transportation contain toxic chemicals and over time, these liquids can leak out of the vehicle. Seepage of toxic liquids can harm the environment, killing plants and grass, even causing you skin, eye, and respiratory problems. Professionals in the scrap car industry know how to remove your vehicle without allowing the gases and liquids to seep out. Don’t wait until you have a dangerous situation on your hands, get your old vehicle removed quickly!

Give Back

Give others a chance to own something new, something that was once yours. All the parts of your car can be removed, the metal skeleton crushed, and the material can be reborn. Anything from jewellery to a picture frame or even a new car can be created using recycled parts from your old vehicle. Give someone else the chance to create something out of the car parts you can no longer use.

Free Up Space

Do you own a motorcycle or summer recreation vehicle and keep it in a storage space? Do you wish you could park your seasonal vehicles in your garage? Make your wish come true by getting rid of the vehicle you never use, that is wasting space in your garage. After all, you should clear out your closet at least twice a year, and probably your garage too! So, clean out the garage to make room for something useful. You will thank yourself, especially when the summer sun comes out just in time for a bike ride.


Does your front driveway look like a junkyard? You repainted your home, giving it a facelift but it still looks like crap. What’s the problem? Maybe you should get rid of the heavy piece of junk that is sitting in your driveway destroying the view. Call for scrap car removal service to eliminate unsightly, immovable vehicles on your driveway. You can finally get that coloured pavement to accent the home renovations you worked so hard on.

Don’t strain your muscles or brain trying to figure out how to get rid of that old Junker. Instead, get Setup Towing to remove it for you so you can put cash in your pocket and free yourself from an eyesore.