Reasons You Need A Tow Truck Company for All Four Seasons

Posted: August 9, 2019

As you head down the road in your vehicle of choice, you can run into many different situations requiring a tow truck. Here are the reasons it is important to have a tow truck company phone number in your pocket for every season.


Did you leave home for your summer road trip only to have forgotten to give your car a general maintenance check? You have driven for hours already and have many kilometres ahead of you still when suddenly you hear a weird guzzling sound. You soon realize it’s your car making the noise and pull off to the side of the highway.

Your vehicle is low on coolant in the radiator, your engine oil light is flashing and now your car is overheating. You are stranded in the middle of nowhere, far from any service station or town. What do you do?

Call a tow truck company. The tow will get you and your car to the nearest mechanic shop so you can get your vehicle fixed, top up the essential fluids and back on the road again.


Eeerch! Your tires screech on the roadway as you try to avoid hitting the white-tailed buck who’s chasing down his new mate. Smash! Suddenly, your vehicle is sporting antlers and you are unable to drive it.

Calling a towing company will get you and your car safely off the side of the road and back into town where you can fix your vehicle, or perhaps rent or buy a new one depending on the level of damage sustained.


You take a Winter drive into the mountains. It’s beautiful with the icicles hanging all around but suddenly you lose traction. You hear a little voice in your head telling you “you should have put your winter tires on” but sadly, you didn’t listen. Your now relaxing drive has turned into panic as you end up in the ditch under a few feet of snow.

You need a tow! It’s a good thing you put the number of Setup Towing in your pocket before you left. One quick call and you’ll be headed off to get those winter treads put on.


It’s Springtime and you know what that means! Fishing! You gather all your supplies and take the trailer out of storage for your trip then head onto the road. You drive down the boat launch only to realize you got too excited and have now driven yourself too far down the ramp, landing more than your boat in the water. The waves are clogging up your car motor and soon it stops altogether.

This is where a tow truck comes in handy, so you can get your recreational vehicle and yourself out of the water and back onto dry land. You call a tow truck company and ask them to pick you up then drop you off at the nearest mechanic. After fixing any damage you can get back on that fishing adventure once more, this time with just your boat launched in the water but wait! You realize you have forgotten to put gas in your tank. Not to worry, Setup Towing can bring you gas for your vehicle.

Being stranded is a downer on your adventures and this is where Setup Towing comes to the rescue. Whether it’s a tow, some gas, or a wildlife situation, saving you from ruined plans is just a phone call away. Get to where you want to be, safely, with the help of a great tow truck company.