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Towing & Roadside Services For Calgary & the Surrounding Areas

Do you want to know exactly what we offer? Below is a list of all our services. 
Call us at 403-690-6881 and we will provide the help you are looking for.
We are happy to offer Towing, roadside assistance and scrap car removal services to Calgary and the surrounding areas.  Feel like popping in? Located at 918 16th Avenue NW in Calgary, Alberta, we are more than happy to get to know you so that we accommodate your individual needs. If you have questions, our friendly staff is here to give you the answers.

Setup Towing Services

Do you want to know exactly what we offer? Below is a list of all our services. Call us at 403-690-6881 and we will provide the help you are looking for.

Local and Long-Distance Towing

24 Hour Towing Service

Emergency Towing

Vehicle Transportation

Motorcycle Towing

Luxury Vehicle Towing

4 Wheel Drive and SUV Towing

All Wheel Drive Towing

Passenger Car Towing

Safe Wheel Lift Towing

Self-Loading Wheel Dollies

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Roadside Assistance

Your vehicle gets treated the way we take care of our own. Our skilled technicians are clean, courteous and knowledgeable. Experience means we know how to hook up cars, trucks, SUV’s and luxury vehicles. Our tow trucks and drivers make sure your vehicle arrives safely.

Truck Roadside Service 

Emergency Roadside Assistance 

Tire change

Jump Starts

Vehicle Lockouts 

Gas delivery 

Additional Services

Do you have a vehicle that is no longer insurable and hence rendered unusable? Are you wondering, “What do I do with this piece of junk?” We take the complication out of this situation by offering our scrap care removal services. Give us a call at 403-693-6881 or feel free to text us. We will promptly come out to examine your vehicle’s saleability. It might be worth some good money, if not we will take it off your hands for free. 

Your Old Vehicle Could Earn You Money 

We have the skills to know if your old vehicle has usable parts or is just scrap metal. Businesses such as a U-PULL-IT Yard recycles, re-purposes, and uses environmentally friendly dismantling. Old vehicles get stripped of dangerous and harmful fluids and products before becoming labeled for parts. Your old junk can give someone else’s vehicle life. Call us to see how you can make up to $5,000 for your scrap car!

Why do you want to use our scrap car services? We are environmentally minded. Scrap vehicles carry harmful chemicals and materials that seep into landfills, polluting Canadian land and water systems. When you call us we know how to avoid this chemical seepage to help save the environment. 

Why Choose Setup Towing

Are you a dealer or mechanic that is sick and tired of calling a towing company only to find they are unreliable? Do your customers turn on you because they are waiting forever for the towing company you called, or the tow truck never showed up? Let us help your business succeed. Rely on us to get your customers to where they need to be – your shop! Sending consistent tows to us qualifies your company for a discount. We are only a text or phone call away.

Quick Turnaround Time

Environmentally Friendly


24/7 Availability


Friendly and Knowledgeable 

Quality Work

Scrap Car

24/7 Service

Environmentally Friendly Service 

Our experience provides us the know how to dispose of your scrap car parts in a safe, environmental way.
How do we do this? Hazardous fluids get drained into a sealed container ready for legal disposal. This process ensures no harmful fluids leak into the ground. If you have further questions about our services or want us to give you a quote, please feel free to fill out our online contact form. We will get back to you shortly.


What do our clients say?

  • "I highly recommend Set Up Towing, Andrew helped recover my vehicle when I was left stranded in poor weather. "
    - Brad
    Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.
  • "Set Up Towing was quick and very helpful. I called around many other towing companies in Calgary and was quoted much higher. Set Up Towing had quick turnaround time and was very affordable. Thank you again."
    - Julian
    Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.
  • "Thank you again Andrew. My vehicle was stuck on the highway outside of Calgary, Andrew was able to make it in 20 minutes. He was professional and his rates were very low in comparison to other towing companies."
    - Amy
    Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.

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