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Local & Long Distance Towing For Calgary & the Surrounding Areas

Be prepared with our contact information in case you need a tow. Regardless of the distance your vehicle needs towing, we can take care of you. Wherever you are in Calgary and the surrounding area, we are able to help! Middle of the night or middle of the day, your schedule is our schedule. Setup Towing understands that when you need a tow, you need it now. 24/7 towing service makes it easy for you to call us, anytime.

Call us at 403-690-6881 and we will provide the help you are looking for.

Safe Wheel Lift Towing 

Self-Loading Wheel Dollies 

Winch Out

All Vehicles Apply

Whether you have a motorcycle, luxury vehicle, car, truck or SUV, let us take you to where you need to be. We have the tools that prepare us for any kind of emergency tow.

Safe Wheel Lift Towing

Perhaps you have a flat tire after running over the curb and now your vehicle drives wonky. Give us a call at Setup Towing, we can lift your wheels. What does this mean? Our wheel lift towing equipment gets placed under your vehicle with the help of hydraulics, lifting it off the ground. A wheel lift saves you from driving on a destroyed tire which causes further harm to the alignment, rim, and wheel itself.

Self-Loading Wheel Dollies

Are you looking for a tow truck that uses effective, safe and durable methods? Our skilled technicians make lifting easier and safer with self-loading wheel dollies. Our dollies gently raise and lower your vehicle. We can safely connect to the wires and straps needed without getting our hands caught under the weight of the vehicle.

Winch Out

Stop using random ropes to pull your car out of the ditch or wherever else you end up after spinning out of control. When you use random pieces of cords and rope it puts force on the part of your vehicle you anchor it to, causing damage. Let us winch you out with our proper equipment which lessens the load and increases pulling power. Don’t wreck something else by hooking onto the wrong spot. We want your car to make it out alive!

Are You Stuck? We Can Help!

You can spend an entire paycheck on taxi rides to and from the location where your vehicle is stuck. You may injure yourself while trying to dig your vehicle out of gravel and snow. Why would you do any of these things? Call us at 403-693-6881 to get you and your vehicle home without losing hard earned money or getting hurt. If you do try to inch your way out of the mess you are in before calling us, we have first aid on the truck to help take care of you. 

Specialized video surveillance mounted on our tow trucks helps us keep an eye on everything to avoid injuries.  
Call us for towing assistance. We are here to help you 24/7. 


What do our clients say?

  • "I highly recommend Set Up Towing, Andrew helped recover my vehicle when I was left stranded in poor weather. "
    - Brad
    Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.
  • "Set Up Towing was quick and very helpful. I called around many other towing companies in Calgary and was quoted much higher. Set Up Towing had quick turnaround time and was very affordable. Thank you again."
    - Julian
    Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.
  • "Thank you again Andrew. My vehicle was stuck on the highway outside of Calgary, Andrew was able to make it in 20 minutes. He was professional and his rates were very low in comparison to other towing companies."
    - Amy
    Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.

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